Wireless Helmet Brake Light

Wireless Helmet Brake Light

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Increase your safety with heightened visibility and stronger illumination!
The Wireless LED light strip attaches to the rear/back of any helmet,(or anywhere else such as a sissy bar, backpack, etc.) and when you step on your brakes, the light strip on the back of the helmet also ‘lights up’.

How does it work? The light strip that attaches onto the back of the helmet is a ‘receiving unit’. The sending unit is either a brake light bulb, or a wire in black box.

1. The easiest way is using a ‘transmitter’ bulb. Remove the existing light bulb from your rear light socket and replace it with a ‘transmitter’ bulb. Your motorcycle uses either an 1157 bulb or a 3157 bulb. Be certain to specify which is needed when ordering.
2. A wire in Black Box is also very easy. In the event that your motorcycle has existing specialty lighting and you do not want to replace the existing rear bulb, then instead, use the wire in black box. The ‘box’ mounts under your motorcycle seat and uses two simple wires to wire into your existing brake light system.


• Easy, do-it-yourself installation
• Economical low power consumption
• WirelesBright LED’s (both, the light strip and the transmitter bulbs)
• The ‘receiver’ light strip operates on replaceable lithium batteries (Included)
• FCC Approved
• Works with any brand of motorcycle
• Works with any type of helmet: Motorcycles, ATV’s, Snow Mobiles, Scooters, etc.

Brake Light Instructions
LED Transmitter Bulb Instructions
Black Box Transmitter Instructions

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