Solar Flashlight with Cell Phone Charger

Solar Flashlight with Cell Phone Charger

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This is the ultimate accessory for all motorcycle enthusiasts! Never find yourself broken down in the middle of the night, unable to see and then also experience a dead cell  phone! That would suck! It has happened! It DID suck!

This important accessory comes equipped with many helpful and needed features:

* Emergency Cell Phone Charging System built into Flashlight
* Solar Power Restore built into Flashlight for Daytime Charging
* Backup Hand Crank Power Restore for Night-Time Charging or low Flashlight Battery
* Built in Compass
* Built in Digital FM Radio for those needed weather reports
* Three super bright, LED Flashlight Bulbs
* Night-Time Reading Light built into edges of Solar Panel.
* Emergency Siren with Flashing Red Lights built into Solar Panel

After being stranding one evening going over the Grapevine in Southern California, an earnest search was launched for such an important accessory. Every single emergency flashlight with Cell Phone Charging Systems found on the internet was purchased. Each were disappointments as it was learned that the Cell Phone Charging Systems were just 'gimmicks'! Thus, our engineers took the systems we had purchased, re-engineered them and enhanced the charging systems to that we could introduce a truly functional and useful product into the marketplace!

We know that you are going to love this product! It is hoped that you will never have the need to utilize it's many functions, but it is comforting to know that you have it when and if it is ever it is needed!

Like all of our products, we want to bring you the best product available at the most reasonable and affordable cost! As such, if you have any suggestions for improvements to our existing products, or have suggestions for other types of products, rest assured, if our engineers feel they can do it at an affordable rate, the appropriate investments will be made to accommodate those requests! It is our aim at Stryker Helmets to keep it fun, keep it safe, and keep it affordable!

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