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Yea, yea, we know this is a modular helmet; not a modulating helmet. To modulate, it would have to regulate or soften a sound or tone. (yea, we know what your thinking….but our spouses forbid us to comment!) However, what it will do is regulate or soften a rider’s mood! This versatile helmet gives the rider the option of riding full-faced, open faced, three quarter faced or simply enjoying just a sliver of fresh air when desired. The front, easy-to-actuate button opens the helmet mechanism allowing the chinbar to flip up. This is one very comfortable and versatile helmet!

It comes in four different sizes: S, M, L, & XL and two different colors: Gloss Black and Matte Black. Some of the Modulator's features include:

Meets or exceeds DOT standards
Tough, lightweight polycarbonate shell
One hand easy to use chin bar push to open mechanism
Excellent shield sealing reduces unwanted air and noise
Includes adjustable chin bar
Single-Button Chinbar/Faceshield Release
Open with one hand, even with gloves on

Like all of our helmets, jn order to keep the costs down for our customers, we only offer two colors and four different sizes. However, if we begin to see enough requests for other colors and sizes, rest assured, the appropriate investments will be made to accommodate those requests!

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