Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

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Ever wonder what it would be like to look at a motorcycle rider at night and not see their face? Ohhh….scary! Want to ride incognito, inconspicuous, clandestinely and strangely oblivious at night? Conversely, what the invisible man wouldn’t have given for this! But, now you can have what the invisible man could not! And oh yea, did we forget to mention….it keeps you warm and dry too!


Neoprene face mask features full coverage of the face and ears
Stretchy neoprene material is warm and water resistant
Lined with Black Stretch Nylon Trim
Velcro closure ensures great fit with a helmet or without
One size fits most

In order to keep the costs down for our customers, we presently offer just a few different types of cold weather riding masks. Some are unique, some are typical. However, as with all of our products, if we begin to see enough requests for more of these and other styles, rest assured, the appropriate investments will be made to accommodate those requests!

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