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This head wrap was created for those who like to ‘fly’! And of course, who wouldn’t feel patriotic riding with an Eagle on their head? What better companion is there to keep an eye on the road ahead for rodents and other vermin? Right? We are not claiming that the head wrap will see for you…..but, don’t all the motivational books tell us that ‘we are what we project’? So, go ahead! Project majestic greatness! Be the envy of your social stratosphere! Buy one today…put it on….and fly like an Eagle! (Shazzbatt! We almost forgot to mention……it’s functional too!)


Constructed of heavy 7 oz., 100% cotton twill fabric
Features a sewn-in terry cloth sweatband
Designed to sit securely on the head using attached ties
Includes a tail at the nape of the neck
Tail protects neck from the sun
The design allows virtually one size to fit all
One size fits most

In order to keep the costs down for our customers, we presently offer just a few different types of cold weather riding masks. Some are unique, some are typical. However, as with all of our products, if we begin to see enough requests for more of these and other styles, rest assured, the appropriate investments will be made to accommodate those requests!

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