Blue Lightening

Blue Lightening

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Blue….schmu! Lightening…..schmitening! What does that mean? We have no idea! Neither does any of our staff! We just like the way it sounds! But what our staff does like are the colors and the pattern! Lightening patterns are always great conversation starters! How many times have you struck up a conversation in an awkward situation by asking: “think it’ll rain today?” With this little baby, you will never have to begin that conversation! The head wrap will begin it for you!


A bandanna, cut into 6 panels and sewn into a headwrap
100% cotton
Designed to sit securely on the head using attached ties
Includes a tail at the nape of the neck
Tail protects neck from the sun
The design allows virtually one size to fit all
One size fits most

In order to keep the costs down for our customers, we presently offer just a few different types of cold weather riding masks. Some are unique, some are typical. However, as with all of our products, if we begin to see enough requests for more of these and other styles, rest assured, the appropriate investments will be made to accommodate those requests!

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