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Ahhhh, so you have your mellon protected and now it’s time to begin thinking about those baby blues? Them peepers. Them marbles in your head. Well…..if it’s eyeball protection you need….we got what ‘yer lookin fer’!

Why not try slipping into something comfortable?....like a pair of old style aviator goggles? In fact, since they kind of resemble the goggles of the Red Baron, (we are not allowed to use that name), so we named these simply: Avaitors. How’s that for imagination?

The Avaitors fit comfortably on any face and offer protection against flying debris, dirt and dust, bugs, rain and flying boogers when you pick your nose at 70 mph!

These goggles come in either Clear, Tinted or cool looking Rainbow colored lenses. We are well aware that the picture of the Rainbow colored lenses do not look much like a Rainbow color. We had our photographer use every camera angle and every lighting configuration imaginable, but we were just not able to capture the Rainbow ‘look’. (personally, I think our photographer was drinking) But, trust us, they are Cool!

Features of these goggles include:

• Chrome color frame with either clear or smoked colored lenses
• Inner soft foam padding
• Adjustable elastic strap
• Flexible nosebridge for comfortable fit
• Leather-like feel and appearance

Like all of our products, in order to keep the costs down for our customers, we only offer two colors of lenses from which to choose. However, if we begin to see enough requests for other colors and/or styles, rest assured, the appropriate investments will be made to accommodate those requests!

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